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Professional Web Site Design
Any one who owns or plans start a business should consider having a web site designed. The main benefit to starting your own web site are that your web site will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your web site can server as a representative that answers questions about your business, offer customer service even when your business is closed at night and on weekends and holidays and to sell your products and services.

A web site is a very powerful and inexpensive marketing and advertising tool and a great way to expand your business into other areas of the state or country. We creates unique web sites which help you reach the goals that you have for creating an online presence - whether it is for a business web site or for personal use.

JJ's Technologies Web Design specializes in unique, high quality professional web site design small businesses and individuals. JJ's Technologies Web Design is run by a team of professional. We has over 7 years of diverse business and computing experience and 5 years in Web Site Development.

JJ's Web Design strives to create professional web site designs that will effectively promote your products or services to your target audience and generate sales for your bottom line. One of our goals is to make your web experience pleasant, easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

Web Site Redesign
JJ's Technologies are pleased to offer web site redesign and makeover services to help take your existing web site to the next level. We'll consult with you to find out which areas of your web site are in need of improvement, and work with you to make it better than ever.

Whether your text needs some added sparkle, or your graphics and photos would benefit from some enhancement, we can drastically improve how your web site looks, feels, and performs - for a lot less than you would expect.

Ecommerce Web Site Design
Selling your products and services online by using the secure site...

Web Site Maintenance
We have a team of professional to maintain your existing website in term of to keep it alive 24*7 and give the technical support to maintain the website online...

Graphics / Logo Design & Branding
JJ's Technologies offer you the services of all kind of Desktop Publishing, Logo development, Office stationeries including the Business card, profile folders etc by using the top most graphical supported software like Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Freehand, Adobe Photoshop...

Custom Graphics Design
Our graphic design team is expert to create custom elements such as logos, background images, greetings, wallpapers, bars, navigational buttons and icons for the web and for the Multimedia CDs and applications, graphics for offline application which are inter-office or single user end; to add a professional appearance to your website site or application.

Multimedia CD & Flash Development
Your company or personal portfolio and info on an Auto-run flash supported CD. by using the latest multimedia technology. Also we can help you to develop Flash Animations, Advertisement Banners, Intros, Photo Galleries and Flash Miscellaneous Utilities...

Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration
Web Hosting and Domain name registration services for business and personal customers...

Search Engine Submission
Once it was enough just to have a website for your business.

But with increasing competition and the rise of internet search engines, what you do with your website has become more important and where your site appears in search results can mean the difference between a few visitors and thousands of customers.

JJ's Technologies aims to get your business's site noticed by improving its ranking on the major search engines.


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